About us

Nowyouseeme by Katarzyna Regel is a contemporary jewellery brand founded in 2019 in London. Katarzyna uses only the finest materials to create beautifully designed and crafted items of jewellery that stand out for their elegance. Since the launch, Katarzyna has debuted showcasing her creations in London Fashion Week 2020.

Her signature style accentuates colour through pave setting with colour gemstones and diamonds. All the creations are made with 18K yellow, white or rose gold. Katarzyna's jewellery uses all natural, Kimberley Process certified conflict-free diamonds which originate from ethical sources.

Katarzyna advocates experimenting with stacking and layering as well as daring to wear colourful pieces on a daily basis. Exquisite and elegant, all pieces are designed to compliment one another.